6 Recipes Using Okonomi Sauce

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For Japanese people,Okonomi Sauce is not just essential when cooking traditional “Okonomi-yaki”, but a great sauce for all-around use.
Made from seven kinds of fruits and vegetables and a variety of savory spices, sprinkle a dash over meats and vegetables to quickly liven up the flavor.

You can also mix Okonomi sauce with chopped vegetables and mayonnaise to create original sauces that go great with a variety of meals.

In addition, since Okonomi sauce already has a great balance of fruits, vegetables and spices, it can be used to make delicious meals quickly, without complicated stewing or marinating.

Here we’ve prepared 6 recipes for dishes made with Okonomi Sauce.

If one of them piques your interest, click the link to check out the recipe!

Quick and Easy Yakisoba

Quick and Easy Yakisoba
If you want to make an authentic Japanese dish with Okonomi Sauce, this is a good first choice.
The ingredients used are easy to work with and can be made in just one fry pan.

Click here for “Quick and Easy Yakisoba”

3 Homemade Vegan Dipping Sauces

3 Homemade Vegan Dipping Sauces
These Vegan dipping sauces use nutritious ingredients like nuts and vegetables and combine them with a base of Okonomi Sauce.
Although French fries are displayed in the photo, these sauces also go well with a variety of foods, such as vegetable sticks or grilled mushrooms.

Click here for “3 Homemade Vegan Dipping Sauces”

Mozzarella sticks with fresh vegetable sauce

Mozzarella sticks with fresh vegetable sauce
Whip up this easy sauce by combining Okonomi Sauce with fresh tomato and basil. So good with anything cheesy!

Click here for “Tomato Basil Sauce for Hamburger Steak”

Japanese Sauce for Oven-baked Chicken and Vegetables

Japanese Sauce for Oven-baked Chicken and Vegetables
A simple recipe, the chicken is baked in the oven with no need to marinate ahead.
The spices in the Okonomi Sauce create savory, mouth-watering chicken!

Click here for “Japanese Sauce for Oven-baked Chicken and Vegetables”

Homemade Vegan Gnocchi

Homemade Vegan Gnocchi
A savory vegan dish with porcini flavors and the tangy spice of Okonomi Sauce.

Click here for “Homemade Vegan Gnocchi”

Eggplant Lasagna with Cheese

Eggplant Lasagna with Cheese
A world-class cheese lasagna using healthy eggplant instead of pasta.
Okonomi Sauce added to the meat sauce makes an extra-rich flavor.

Click here for “Eggplant Lasagna with Cheese”

You can make an endless combination of delicious recipes with Okonomi Sauce as a base. Give it a try!
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Searching for a Tasty New Sauce?

In production for 70 years, OKONOMI SAUCE is the signature sauce of Otafuku Sauce Co., the top sauce producer in Japan. "Okonomi" means "to your liking" in Japanese. Savor an authentic new taste by adding OKONOMI SAUCE to your favorite food. Try it now!

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