Our Ideas

The problem of food waste can be tackled from our own homes.

Food waste, a big part of climate change, can be tackled right from our own homes. For that to happen, we need solutions that are easy for anyone, that can be done continuously and most importantly, that taste good!
When each person has a consciousness about it, leftover ingredients can be used up to reduce food waste. We need solutions that don't involve throwing out leftovers.

We discovered an idea in Japanese "mottainai" culture.

In our search for ways to reduce food waste in attainable and tasty ways, we found an idea in Japanese "mottainai" culture. It was the recipe for Okonomiyaki.
Okonomiyaki is easy to make and delicious. It can be made with all kinds of ingredients and we are confident it can help reduce food waste.

Let's Take the First Step Together!
A Tasty Way to Clean Up Leftovers

By transforming the excess food in your fridge and even the leftovers of weeknight dinners into delicious Okonomiyaki once a week, you can reduce food waste. Anyone can make this recipe, don't be afraid to challenge yourself!