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5 Easy Recipes for Sauces to Go with Omelette

5 Easy Recipes for Sauces to Go with Omelette
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What do you usually put on your omelette?

Of course, the usual old condiments are not enough. Here are 5 suggestions for sauces to put on your omelette.
If you find something interesting, give it a try!


Omelette with Japanese Sauce and Mixed Vegetables

When it’s a holiday and you’re relaxing at home thinking of an omelette for breakfast or brunch, would you like to try something a little different?

Instead of the usual boring old ketchup, try topping your omelette with a special Japanese sauce that combines olive oil, mushrooms, tomatoes and OKONOMI SAUCE.


Click here for “Omelette with Japanese Sauce and Mixed Vegetables”


Omelette With Cream Of Mushroom Sauce

A simple and versatile omelette made with mushroom sauce.
The combination of cream and mushroom flavors will make your mouth water.


Click here for “Omelette With Cream of Mushroom Sauce”


Simple Omelette Recipe With Avocado Cream Sauce

A simple recipe combining tomato and green onion with an avocado cream sauce.
Why not enjoy a nutritious breakfast with eggs rich in protein and fresh vegetables?


Click here for “Simple Omelette Recipe With Avocado Cream Sauce”


Red Pepper Mushroom Omelette With Spicy Mayo Sauce

A recipe for a spicy, creamy mayo sauce to go perfectly with your omelette.
With just 5 ingredients, this sauce is super easy to whip up, just add: mayonnaise, sriracha sauce, lemon juice, bell pepper, and salt.


Click here for “Red Pepper Mushroom Omelette With Spicy Mayo Sauce”


Omelette With Honey Mustard Sauce

Fragrant and a little sweet, top your omelette with this honey mustard sauce.
This sauce and omelette combo are especially delicious on toast.


Click here for “Omelette With Honey Mustard Sauce”



Searching for a Tasty New Sauce?

In production for 70 years, OKONOMI SAUCE is the signature sauce of Otafuku Sauce Co., the top sauce producer in Japan. "Okonomi" means "to your liking" in Japanese. Savor an authentic new taste by adding OKONOMI SAUCE to your favorite food. Try it now!

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