5 Sauces Japanese People Use for Shrimp

5 Sauces Japanese People Use for Shrimp
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What kind of sauce do you use for shrimp?

Today, let’s look at what kind of sauces Japanese people use when eating shrimp.


Actually “Japanese Shrimp Sauce” is not something you would usually find in Japan.

When you hear “Japan” and “shrimp sauce” said together, you might think “Japanese Shrimp Sauce”.

In fact, “Japanese Shrimp Sauce” is a kind of sauce used in Hibachi Style Japanese Steakhouses in America.

This sauce, often served with seafood dishes, especially shrimp, and is also called Sakura Sauce, Japanese White Sauce, Yummy sauce, Yum-Yum sauce etc.

But this “Japanese Shrimp Sauce” was actually created in the United States, it’s not a traditional Japanese sauce.

So, it’s not easy to find in Japan and you won’t see it in Japanese Steakhouses.


What Shrimp Sauces do Japanese People Use?

What kind of sauces for shrimp are commonly found in Japan?

There are 5 kinds of sauce.


①Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce is common in Japan for dipping fried shrimp.

With a mayonnaise base, Tartar sauce is made by chopping and blending ingredients such as pickles, boiled eggs and flavorful vegetables, like onions and parsley.

When you order fried shrimp at a Japanese restaurant, tartar sauce is almost always served with it.


②Worcestershire Sauce

In Japan, some people prefer to eat shrimp with Worcestershire sauce.

In general, it’s common to use sauces such as Worcestershire sauce or Okonomi Sauce for many deep-fried foods in Japan.


③Aurora sauce

Aurora sauce is a sauce made by adding strained tomato (tomato puree) and butter to béchamel sauce, one of the staple sauces of French cuisine.

However, in Japan, a sauce made by mixing equal parts mayonnaise and tomato ketchup is also called aurora sauce.

French Aurora sauce is usually used for steamed meat and egg dishes, but Japanese Aurora sauce is generally used for seafood such as shrimp and oysters.

In Japan, boiled shrimp is often eaten after being mixed with aurora sauce, or it can be stir-fried with aurora sauce.



“Mayo-Shrimp” is also a famous shrimp dish commonly eaten in Japan.

Mayo-Shrimp is a made by sprinkling peeled shrimp with potato starch, stir frying it and adding mayonnaise.


⑤Cocktail sauce

Cocktail sauce is used for cold seafood dishes, usually ones that use shrimp or oyster.

Cocktail sauce is made by mixing ketchup with lemon juice and horseradish, and possibly adding Worcestershire sauce, white wine, mayonnaise, tabasco, etc.


Recommended recipes that use Japanese sauce

Lastly, we want to present a recipe for a Japanese sauce that incorporates Okonomi Sauce.

This easy recipe of breaded shrimp is baked in the oven.

This “Devil Sauce” is made by blending Okonomi Sauce and whole grain mustard!


Click here for “Crispy Breaded Shrimp with Japanese Sauce”


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