6 Easy Sauce Recipes, Great with Sandwiches!


The appeal of sandwiches is that you can mix and match the ingredients and sauces in them, for a variety of wonderful flavors.

Are you tired of the same old recipes for making sandwiches? Do you want to see some new recipes for sauces to put in sandwiches?
Here we’ve prepared recipes for 6 new sauces to use on sandwiches!

If one of them piques your interest, click on the link for the recipe!
By all means, try some new flavors in your sandwiches.


A Vegetable Sauce for Sandwiches

We recommend you make this sandwich on a weekend morning. Vegetables and Okonomi Sauce together are like the perfect blend of fresh and crispy.
This sauce goes well with any ingredients, but we recommend lettuce and roast beef.


Click here for “A Vegetable Sauce for Sandwiches”


Turkey Mozzarella Sandwich With Honey Mustard Sauce

This turkey mozzarella sandwich is easy to make and great for a quick lunch.

The honey mustard sauce is sweet and piquant and a little spicy. As a dipping sauce it goes great with any kind of sandwich.


Click here for “Turkey Mozzarella Sandwich With Honey Mustard Sauce”


Scrambled Tofu Sandwich With Spicy Hawaiian Sauce

This is a great sandwich for anyone looking for a vegan option.

Scrambled tofu is like the vegan version of scrambled egg.

This sweet, fragrant, and a little bit spicy Hawaiian sauce goes great with scrambled tofu.


Click here for “Scrambled Tofu Sandwich With Spicy Hawaiian Sauce”


Spicy Tofu Sandwich With Vegan Ranch Sauce

Another version of the scrambled tofu sandwich is this one with a vegan sauce made from cashew nuts.

By all means try this creamy and nutritious sauce in your sandwich.


Click here for “Spicy Tofu Sandwich With Vegan Ranch Sauce”


Roasted Turkey Avocado Sandwich With Cocktail Sauce

The most perfect lunch is this roasted turkey and avocado sandwich, dipped in cocktail sauce.

The cocktail sauce for this recipe is made of ketchup, mayonnaise, wasabi, etc. and it goes amazingly well with sandwiches.


Click here for “Roasted Turkey Avocado Sandwich With Cocktail Sauce”


Chickpea Sandwich With Cranberry Vinegarette Sauce

A great recipe for anyone looking for a filling vegan sandwich. It includes chickpeas, avocados and vegan mayonnaise.

The cranberry vinaigrette used on this sandwich can also be used as a dipping sauce or as a salad dressing.


Click here for “Chickpea Sandwich With Cranberry Vinegarette Sauce”


Searching for a Tasty New Sauce?

In production for 70 years, OKONOMI SAUCE is the signature sauce of Otafuku Sauce Co., the top sauce producer in Japan. "Okonomi" means "to your liking" in Japanese. Savor an authentic new taste by adding OKONOMI SAUCE to your favorite food. Try it now!

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